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Pandemic Ready – Tips to Stay Healthy and Safe on the Road

These days are certainly different from pre-2020 days, but fortunately for RV’ers, this is a great time to travel in your RV and keep your appropriate social distancing, while enjoying your RV trip! We are pleased that so many people have found their RV’s to be a safe haven during these tough times.

The coronavirus pandemic has created plenty of uncertainty, including furloughs, remote work and distance learning. But, fortunately, RV’ers can use their RVs for travel and many can work remotely from them, while also educating their children. That is a lot to handle, but here are some easy tips to help you [...]

Why Do You Need This? 5 Items That You Need for Your Next RV Trip That You Haven’t Thought About

As you head out on your next RV trip, what about those handy items that will make your trip so much easier and hassle-free? Have you thought about what you really need to bring and what you don’t need? 

We have some suggestions for some of the top five most needed items that you may not have thought about. And some tips on what to bring and what to leave behind.

1) Potable Water Hose

You have to ensure that you always have a supply of clean and high-quality water in your RV for drinking [...]

What to do When – How to Fix an RV Generator

So here you are, a new RV owner and you think you have prepared for all eventualities. But, what do you do when something breaks on your RV? If you are smart, you’ll have studied up on all the You Tube videos you can for fixing minor issues on your RV, and there are many. But, when your generator goes, that can be serious.

Here is the best advice we could find for how you can fix your RV generator.

There are often simple reasons why your RV generator won’t start, and we will address the [...]

Decadent Desserts – 5 Must Try Desserts for Your Next RV Trip

What a great time to try your hand at some decadent desserts! You are out on the road in your RV and want to serve up something really special to your family or friends. Well, we have some of the most delicious, decadent desserts to suggest for your sweet tooth.

1) Easy Baked Alaska

I know that sounds like an oxymoron, how could baked Alaska be easy? But this one is easy to make with only 5 ingredients and while it looks fancy, it’s actually really simple. 

Ice cream & pound cake are wrapped in meringue and baked in a hot oven until the meringue is [...]

Winter RV Camping – Tips on Winterizing your RV

This is a little early in the year to plan for a winter RV trip but you may want to know how to go winter camping in your RV. What do you have to do to make your RV ready for winter? How can you plan it out so you can use your RV all summer long and then get it ready in the fall for a great winter trip?

You may have heard the term winterization – but do you know what this means? And, do you need to worry about it? What if you live in a [...]

Savory Fall Dinners on the Road – RV Cooking at Its Finest

When you travel in your own RV one of the best things is you can make your own meals and save as you go. Of course, occasionally eating out in restaurants is certainly fun and tasty, but if you have your own kitchen in your home away from home, why not cook up some amazing dinners to wow your family.

Here are some suggested savory fall dinners for your RV traveling on the road. We looked for gourmet but simple recipes to find some that you may not have tried yet at home. You can make your RV’ing experience also a culinary tasting expedition. [...]

RV Storage: What you need to know before you store your RV

What you may not realize about your RV is that sometimes you will want to store it and when doing so, you should do it carefully so that damage is minimal and you preserve the integrity of the RV’s water and electrical systems, in particular. Here are some tips from the experts about storing your RV, but first why would you store your RV?

Why Would I Store my RV?

Perhaps your neighborhood has some restrictions about parking RV’s there or you want it to be off your property and in a proper RV storage facility. [...]

Planning your Dream RV Holiday- Unbelievable California RV Parks

So many choices and so much scenery awaits you in these unbelievable California RV parks. You can plan you dream RV holiday and cover as many or as few miles as you like. If you want to stay in one place for your dream RV holiday, you can pick your favorite park from these, or if you want to adventure and travel around to several, you will not be disappointed at these gorgeous locations for RV camping in California. We’ll divide the state into 3 geographic areas for simplicity and you can see which parks you would like in one or more location.

Northern California RV Parks: 


1) [...]

Beautiful Summer Drives in California – See more in your RV

Taking off to drive the California coastline or even up to the mountains or across the desert is such a romantic notion that everyone probably would love to do it. Fortunately, you have an RV to take advantage of lots of places to see magnificent scenery. Taking summer drives in California is a unique opportunity to see such varied geographic features that you could see mountains, coastline and even volcanoes or offshore islands in one trip.

Here are just three suggestions for beautiful summer drive itineraries in California:

1) The San Diego to Joshua Tree Itinerary:

Start: San Diego

End: Joshua Tree National Park

Distance: [...]

Must Do Maintenance – RV Maintenance You Need to Do Before Your Next Trip

When you are getting ready to hit the road again this spring, and your RV has been off the road for a while, you should be sure to do all the maintenance it needs before you head out.

RVs are great for traveling, but you do need to pay attention to their maintenance. In order to keep your RV in good condition you have to do regular maintenance. You can’t just start it up again after many months of no usage and expect everything to work perfectly!

El Monte RV Sales has all the tools that you’ll need to keep your RV in perfect shape before hitting [...]

Conserving Water – Tips and Tricks to Save Water in Your RV

RVing is a great way to explore the country and enjoy nature. But it can also be an expensive hobby if you not conserving water while traveling.

Here are some tips for conserving water when RVing, so you don’t have to worry about running out of clean drinking water or having to pay too much to refill your water tanks. Remember that fresh water is a precious resource and you want to conserve it as much as possible.

Follow these simple steps to save water on your next trip!  

* Turn off the faucet while brushing teeth or washing dishes 

* Use a bucket [...]

Recipes on the Road – Delicious Dinners the Whole Family Will Enjoy

When traveling by RV, your food is definitely something to look forward to and to plan in advance. There are so many easy and delicious recipes on the road dinners you can prepare in your RV or outside on the grill that you may have a hard time choosing which are your favorites. Try some of these recipes and see which will delight your family and friends. 

Easy-Peasy California Fish Tacos

For an original take on taco night, try this delicious combination of grilled white fish, and add a whole or half avocado per serving, Pico de Gallo, and grilled scallions. Only 3 easy steps [...]

Pack This Not That – Must Haves on Your Next RV Trip

Are you about to take your first RV trip? Or is it the first in a long time, and maybe you’ve forgotten your old list of what to pack?

To make sure you have the best time possible, we put together a list of must-haves for your RV trip. Check out our ideas below and get ready for some fun in the sun!

The only thing better than an RV is a fully stocked one. Make sure you pack these items before hitting the road so you can enjoy all of your adventures without worrying about what’s next on the checklist. It will be like having everything [...]

Great RV Road Games for Kids

When you take off to travel this spring or summer with your kids, what rv road games will you take along with you? Are you prepared for the kids to be zapped into their phones or other electronic devices all the time? While many kids might enjoy that activity, it certainly doesn’t go along very well with the idea of getting outdoors and seeing our great country, which is one of the prime reasons for going RV’ing in the first place.

So, when you hit the open road this spring or summer, how about taking along some fun games that the kids and you can enjoy on the road? We’ll give you some [...]

Can I afford an RV? The True Costs of RV Ownership

You have decided now to own your own RV! Great! So how do you know what you can afford? Is it better to buy new or used? How used? How much can you save with an RV Warrantee? Do you want to buy a Class A Motorhome? A Class C? Gas or Diesel for fuel?

There are many issues and questions that are important to answer so you understand what the real costs of owning an RV are.

We’ve done our best to outline below some of the true costs of RV ownership. Note, we won’t include the costs of campgrounds and gas as [...]

RV Sales in Texas Texas is without a doubt one of the most versatile states in the union when it comes to RV trips—whether you are visiting one of its many historical sites, driving down to the gulf coast, pitching a tent at Big Bend National Park, or catching some live music in Austin, you are bound to find an adventure and a half in Texas. Here at El Monte RV we know that Texas is a hotspot for RV trips, which is why one of our leading sales centers is conveniently located in McKinney, TX. With hundreds of RVs for sale in Texas, El Monte RV can match you with the RV you have been waiting for and get you started on the Texas road trip you’ve always imagined. Our Texas RV Sales Center Our location in McKinney not only offers RVs for sale in Texas, but it provides quality service [...]
RV Sales In Florida It's obvious why Florida is such a popular state for RV trips: when every other part of the east coast is buried in 8 inches of snow, Florida is all beaches, boats, and barbeques! The Sunshine State has more to offer than just weather—sightseeing in Miami, spelunking in Marianna, or family fun at Disney World, there’s just no end to the RV friendly options. If you’re looking for RV sales in Florida, you’ve come to the right place; El Monte RV has the selection and the experience to outfit you with the perfect RV for your Florida road trip, and at a reasonable price. Whether you want to go fishing in the swamplands, surfing in the keys, or simply to kick back and soak up the sun in St. Augustine, El Monte can help you find the RV to get you there. Orlando Florida RV Sales
RV Sales In California California is a world class destination for RV trips—with towering redwoods, parched deserts, and awesome coastlines, there is really no state like it when it comes to road trip potential. For this reason, El Monte RV Sales has an array of sales centers conveniently located across the golden state, with hundreds of new and used RVs for sale in California. Highway 1 is waiting to take you up along the misty northern sea cliffs or south to those palm-tree-strewn beaches—whichever way you drive paradise awaits! Don’t delay, start searching for your RV today and take the next step towards the RV trip of a lifetime through the great state of California. California Locations Whether you are looking for a Class C RV to drive up the coast, or a Class A mobile home for a cross country adventure, El Monte RV can help match you with one of our many RVs f [...]

RV Winter Camping – Driving South for the Winter

Winter camping can be challenging, especially if you live in the northern half of the US. But, how about driving south to sunny Florida, or southern California, or even Arizona, New Mexico or Texas? There are many warm and very desirable locations where you can go to escape the cold of winter. We’ll give you several suggestions.

Are you looking to escape the cold and have some fun in the sun? Try these amazing spots for an RV Winter vacation. Here are some of the top RV destinations for escaping the cold of winter.

Tampa Bay and Clearwater, Florida

Nestled on the Gulf of Mexico’s coast, you can find lots and lots to do [...]

RV Road Safety – Tips for Defensive RV Driving

Now that you own your RV, you are ready to get out on the open road and have that idyllic vacation you’ve always dreamed of. Or are you? Have you had a driver’s safety course that includes the safe handling of your RV? Have you had enough experience driving the size RV you have to feel confident and comfortable in the driver’s seat?

We suggest that you take a defensive driving approach to driving your RV. Yes, you will be bigger than many vehicles on the road, but you also have other hazards in addition to size issues to consider which you didn’t have in your sedan, station wagon or SUV.

First [...]

How to Keep Your RV Clean – Cleaning Hacks for RV Owners

Congratulations! You now own your own RV! Now how do you keep your RV clean? We have asked many RV owners and have compiled some of the best cleaning hacks for you to keep your RV clean.

Keeping the interior of your RV clean doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or involve harsh chemicals. With a few simple products, you can clean floors, surfaces, and even those dirty areas like the kitchen and bathroom and with a minimal amount of effort. The key things are simple and common sense. Make sure you have a good broom and a floor mat at the door to [...]

Making Your RV Winter-Ready in Six Steps

How are you going to make your RV ready for winter? And do you need to? Yes, you do need to and we give you the reasons why and some pretty easy-to-follow steps to do so.

You may have heard the term winterization – but do you know what this means? And, do you need to worry about it? What if you live in a climate that is warm all year-round? Do you still need to get your RV ready for winter?

Why Get my RV Winter-Ready?

When RV owners hear the word “winterize,” it brings up thoughts of protecting the RV plumbing system from freezing temperatures. The definition for “winterize” is to [...]

RV Camping in the Bay Area – Where You Can RV in Northern California

There are so many places to see in the Bay area and Northern California that it may be difficult to choose where you would like to go. Here, we will make a few suggestions and highlight some of the private RV camping spots that other RV owners have scored as the best.

Best Camping Spots for RV Camping in the Bay Area in Northern California

The Western US is known for its beautiful array of sights, and California is most certainly one of the most popular RV trip destinations. Sitting right on the coast, California has it all – from beaches and [...]

Buying Your First RV – How to Pick the Right Motorhome for Your Family

Your first motorhome is a big decision and a large purchase, possibly the largest after your own home. It should be something you take plenty of time to choose and research carefully before you buy.

Here are some tips for buying your first RV for your family.
  1. Look around at other motorhomes you like and ask owners what they like or dislike about these homes on wheels.
  2. Try renting at least one or two or more motorhomes and see what you are comfortable with in terms of size, style and drivability.
  3. Talk to other RV’ers and [...]

Recipes on the Road, Five Delicious Recipes for Your Next Motorhome Vacation – Plus Keto-friendly holiday desserts

We hope you are starting to enjoy your holidays this year and you can be out on the road in your RV taking the time to be with family, even while social distancing appropriately.

In this blog, we thought we’d feature five of our favorite recipes you can easily whip up in your RV’s kitchen. Isn’t it time for some good old Mac N Cheese? Hot Dogs with sauerkraut and beans? We’ll feature just a few of our delicious comfort food favorites here. Feel free to click on the links to the noted websites which offer more specific recipes and great tips for RV [...]

COVID-19 Update Dear Friends and Customers, As our nation continues to grapple with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we at El Monte RV are dedicated to doing our part to maintain the health and safety of our customers and crew. With that in mind, we would like to inform you of our appointment policy, which is in place to help keep our customers and crew safe. Please check this page often, as policies are subject to change as the situation evolves globally. "STAY AT HOME" INSTRUCTIONS El Monte RV fully supports and respects the instructions of local and state governments regarding social distancing, state mandated quarantine orders and stay-at-home advisories and so our support and head office staff have been doing their part by working from home. At El Monte RV we are committed to remaining open to support the community and our customers by providing temporary accommodation to facilitate self-isolation. Our RVs are fully self-contained and useful to those looking for self-isolation alternatives in effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 enabling people to be nearby, yet separated from friends and families. We strongly encourage you to check with local and state Health and Human Services offices to learn if your state, or [...]
A Trusted Name In Used RV Dealers White Class C RV parked on the beach next to two palm trees at sunset. EL MONTE RV’s TRY BEFORE YOU BUY PROGRAM At El Monte RV we understand that purchasing a motorhome is a big decision. That’s why we are proud to offer the El Monte RV Try Before You Buy Program. When you’re ready to turn an RV vacation into an RV lifestyle we're here to help. As one of the nation’s most widely recognized rental and sales dealerships, we stock a wide range of new and used RVs and motorhomes available for sale. Our high-quality motorhomes have been meticulously maintained by trained service professionals and carefully inspected before they make it to the showroom floor. When you’re ready to take the next step and start living the RV lifestyle let one of our experienced staff help you find exactly what you're looking for. THE RIGHT CHOICE Buying a used RV is a big decision for your family and [...]

Storing Your Motorhome

Storing your RV for the winter, when you know you won’t be using it very much is not that difficult. However, it takes proper planning and a bit of common sense to store your RV properly and not come back to it in the spring needing costly repairs. 

Some carefully thought out steps now will save you loads of headaches and dollars later. So, take the time to prepare your RV for storage and make sure you follow some of these well-learned tips from fellow RV’ers.


(A) Winterizing an RV is something all RV’ers will tell you they do.

Winterizing is actually much more than putting anti-freeze in your RV’s water system. Batteries, ventilation, bugs, sealant, fuel [...]

RV Clubs. A Quick Guide to the Nation’s Best RV Clubs

There are a variety of RV clubs & memberships to choose from. You can join nearly all of them for a fairly reasonable annual fee. But these clubs are not all created equal. 

Meeting like-minded people and discovering new destinations is just the tip of the iceberg of joining an RV Club. So, which memberships go beyond and provide the most tangible benefits? What kind of discounts do they offer? How many eligible campgrounds and RV parks participate with each of these clubs?

Most people know that camping in an RV means finding new friends, new experiences, and great adventures where you look for them. What some people don’t realize [...]

The idea that you will have absolutely everything along that you will need on your RV may be a bit optimistic. If you plan well, however, you should own some or most of these essentials and be prepared with some luxury items as well to make your RV’ing experience comfier and cozier. There are essentials that everyone would agree you should have along with you and then there are the “Niceties” or luxury items, that would be nice to have. We’ll try to outline both categories for you, the RV owner. 

Here are some essentials to have for your RV: 


RV Essentials: 

You have had the joy of owning your own RV for some years now, and while it is just perfect for your needs, some things are starting to show signs of wear and tear. It may be time to polish up some brass or chrome or get new mattresses for the inside or even redo some of your appliances. These decisions can be costly, however, so we are suggesting some ways renovating your RV can be done on a budget. 

Tips for Renovating Your RV Without Breaking the Bank: 

Remodeling or renovating your RV can be a daunting project, but it can also be a whole lot of fun. After all, depending on how far you take it and how much work you’re willing to put in, you can [...]

What is RV Winterizing? 

You may have heard the term winterization – but do you really know what this means? And, do you need to worry about it? What if you live in a climate that is warm-ish all year round? Do you still need to winterize your RV? 

Here are some of the reasons you’ll need to winterize your RV and we provide you with some tips on how to do it. 

Why Winterize my RV? 

When RV owners hear the word “winterize,” it brings up thoughts of protecting the RV plumbing system from freezing temperatures. The definition for “winterize” is to prepare something, such as a house or automobile, to withstand cold winter conditions. This means that even if you live in a [...]

The Ultimate RV Camping Accessories List

When you have purchased your RV, you think you are ready to hit the road and start living your RV’ing lifestyle. Whether it is a permanent lifestyle for you or just a weekend getaway, it is always good to go prepared. We have listened to many RV owners and found out some of the best RV Camping accessories they would recommend when starting out on an RV Camping trip.  

It can be stressful if you have never done the RV camping thing in your own camper before – and this is supposed to be a fun adventure, not stress-engendering. To help reduce your stress, we’ve put together a checklist of camping necessities, including RV accessories and more that you should bring on every trip. 

Traveling and Working from Your Own RV


Can you make this a lifestyle change? A lot of people have found that they can and travel almost full–time and live and work from their own RV’s. Whether that means a Camper Van (Class B motorhome), or a larger Class A or Class C RV, the itinerant lifestyle has caught on. It is no longer necessary to be based in one location in order to work and be productive. As these last few months have taught us, it is likely that at least 50% of our work force could be just as productive working from home, and many of those could also make that home a mobile one. 

For many, becoming a full-time RV’er is [...]

What do you really know about RV ownership? And, what do you need to know? If you have owned one before, you are way ahead of the game. But, if you have never owned one before, you may need some guidance.  

RV Ownership 101

We offer some important things to know before you buy an RV. 

  1. Take your time. Smart buyers take a year or more doing their homework and do thorough research before buying. It is a good idea to research the smaller details and not depend only on appearance. A study done in 2018 noted that inexperienced buyers purchased an RV based on appearance and floor plan alone, without taking time to notice cheap components like an off-brand water pump, substandard plumbing or [...]

Have you ever thought there is something a little different about RV Owners? Or that there may be something you don’t know about owning an RV that you should know before you jump into RV ownership? Well, you were right on both counts. RV owners are an unusual breed (not just because of RV toilet paper)! And they often know quite a lot about owning an RV. Better yet, they are almost always eager and willing to share their knowledge to help other RV’ers and newbies to learn the ropes. Here are eight things you may not have known about owning an RV, culled from the knowledge of experienced RV’ers.

  1. RV Toilet Paper – Yes that is a thing: Regular toilet [...]

RV Trip

Whether you’re new to RV camping or a veteran road tripper, chances are good you’ll need an RV trip list. From the basics to things you may not think of – let’s get ready for your next adventure!

Choosing an RV
The first step in any RV vacation is to get an RV. If you have decided to buy your own RV, El Monte RV Sales offers a wide variety of sizes and types to consider. Are you familiar with these RVs? If not, take a few minutes to look at the RVs for Sale section of our website and see what RVs are available at various El Monte RV Sales locations.

But first, here are [...]

Free At Home RV Delivery White Class C RV parked on the beach next to two palm trees at sunset.RV Delivery? Yes please! El Monte is happy to provide free at-home delivery. Convenient and time saving, you don’t even need to visit the dealership! Go online, find the perfect RV from any of our locations, purchase online and get it delivered to your home. *Delivery within 100 miles of store location 4 Steps Connect Complete the form below to find out if home delivery is available in your area. Finance Review financing options on the phone or if you prefer paper, we’ll happily mail to you. Paperwork Complete all the financial paperwork and send it back to our team. Delivery
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